The Treehouse Stickers Story

Once upon a time, in a magical land sometimes known as Neverland and sometimes known as Portland, Oregon:

There was a house. This house was, at some point dubbed "The Treehouse." It was in a cool neighborhood, and while it was pretty broken down, it had a great big huge tree. We loved that tree.

This house inspired a rotating circus of characters that finally landed on the present-day configuration: Leyna Rynearson, Maxwell Hunter, and Alysse Kerr. Maxwell had been working as a freelance graphic designer when he saw the need for custom, quality, cheap stickers with quick turnaround. Lots of people want stickers, but not everyone understood the process of ordering stickers. It wasn’t fast enough. It wasn’t streamlined enough.

With Maxwell’s print and graphic design experience and Leyna's almost unhealthy obsession with fantastic customer service, it just seemed right to go into business together.
Treehouse Stickers was born!

The tree lost a fight with the retaining wall, abut we still love working with big companies, small businesses, artists, and artisans of all kinds. Size doesn’t matter. We’ll help you create your individual project.

Our love of supporting local businesses is key to our daily operations—we still hand deliver to local businesses in the Portland area. But we ship quickly pretty much anywhere, and we'd be thrilled to add you to our map of places we've shipped to. We make Portland stickers, but we make stickers for anyone.

Talk to us! We are always interested in helping you do something cool and unique with your vision.

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  • We're happy to help out any pleasant party who comes our way.
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  • phone number: 503.281.6806
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